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Chris Bell

Welcome to my professional portfolio!

Content professional and nerd in Brooklyn, New York. I offer value through content, insight, story and method. I work with clients to execute on the their brand promises and value propositions. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION.

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Visual storytelling and voice search – the logic of cartoons in SEO

Did you ever watch cartoons when you were a kid? Voice search and cartoons? What are you talking about, Risky? I preferred Warner Brothers – Merry Melodies was the gold standard – but I also took in Hanna Barbera and a bunch of other stuff on saturday mornings. The high point of my week when I was 8 was loading up a big bowl of cereal and parking myself in front of the TV for a block of 4 hours of cartoons on ABC, CBS and NBC, including Scooby Doo, Super Friends and a host of others.

Becoming a Google Certified Partner

Chris Bell helps you go through the steps that your agency needs to become a Google certified partner and explains the benefits of obtaining the certification. Link to Story

Content Marketing Cookbook

Chris was part of the team which created this book under the leadership of Didit CEO Kevin Lee. He contributed to substantial portions of this book and was involved in chapter creation, creating of copy and editorial Link to Story

Everything You Know About Sales Scripts Is Wrong Part 3-Structuring the conversation

Welcome to part 3 of the Overpass series on sales scripts. In our last two installments, we provided an overview of sales scripts, and shared information on sales script conception and process. Now, let's get to what is involved in actually writing the script. You won’t find here any “step by step” plan to lay out a script, because that would be self defeating.

Creating Your Sales Campaign – 5 Steps To Success

As entrepreneurs, we all want to create success in our efforts. Here at Overpass, we believe that best approach to is a planned one. Here we share 5 ideas that will help you get hands-on with the outsourced sales process and help you achieve measurable results. Help your remote sales team succeed!

Refining Your Flow - 3 Tips On How To Manage Your Remote Team’s Sales Process

Whether you’re running a new venture or you’re a business veteran, building and running an inside sales team can be immensely rewarding. Here are some ideas to help you identify your goals, set expectations appropriately, and optimize your team’s performance. Understanding the process of your campaign is vitally important to managing your team.

The Objection Cycle - How To Overcome Objections And Close The Sale

The biggest part of closing any sale is overcoming objections raised by prospects. Here, we talk about the objection cycle. Using this method you can address the prospect’s concerns, move the sales conversation forward, and close the sale. An objection is a point brought up in which the prospect expresses various reasons to end the sales conversation.

Everything You Know About Sales Scripts is Wrong, Part 2

Welcome back to our series on sales scripts. In part one, we talked about how old fashioned sales scripts simply talked at prospects while modern sales scripts are about talking with prospects. Today we will go into how your script should fit into your sales process and campaign. Your sales team deserves it.

Everything you Know About Sales Scripts Is Wrong, Part 1

Most everyone gets phone sales scripts wrong. In this four part series, we teach you how to use them right. What follows is an overview on sales scripts, including what sales scripts are, history of sales scripts, how to use sales scripts effectively and so on. “...a prescribed set of talking points that are commonly used by telemarketers and inside sales reps when speaking to prospects.

4 Hidden Secrets About Instagram Your Competitor Doesn’t Know

Many business leaders write off Instagram as a light, frothy ad platform that’s really only good for branding and selfies. This can’t be further from the truth. As we went into in our previous article, Instagram can be a fantastic tool for generating sales and acquiring customers. In this article, we talk about the hidden strengths of Instagram, and things about the platform that your competitor may be bypassing but that you, smart business person that you are, won’t.

Google Business – 3 Reasons Why You need It for your small business marketing

Reputation management is a big deal. According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying. Since this is the case, being found on the search engines and managing your online reputation is a top priority. You need for business to be easily findable, in all senses of the word.

How blogging can help you develop leads and new business

In working with business owners, we at Daily News Digital Solutions often find it challenging to convey the value of content marketing. However, blogging on a regular schedule is a great way to establish your business as the leader in it’s vertical and locale. The role of blogging in lead generation is often overlooked.


Chris Bell

I am a freelance content and marketing strategist in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a deep believer in content and the inbound model of marketing. Story and analytics must work hand in hand with design in order to achieve business goals. Business must offer real value with heart and soul. Brand is service.



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